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Name:Villestar cute creative usb humidifier air atomizing charging mini humidifier ca

Feature: Brand: Well Star/Ville Star
Model: WT-U8 Item
No.: Xiaomiao humidifier is charged
Applicable area: less than 10 square meters
Function: Ultrasonic Water tank capacity: 1 liter or less
Number of fog outlets: 1 Timing function: 2-8 hours
Style/color: white, blue, pink

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  • Brand : Well Star/Ville Star
  • Model : WT-U8
  • Item No. : Xiaomiao humidifier is charged
  • Application area : Below 10 square meters
  • Features : Ultrasound
  • Water tank capacity : 1 liter or less
  • Number of fog outlets : 1 piece
  • Timing function : 2-8 hours
  • Water shortage protection : not support
  • Power supply : USB
  • PStyle/color : white, blue, pink


Input voltage: DC5V Working current: 800mA
Use power: 2W Water bottle capacity: 400mL
Spray volume: 35mL/H usage time: The first gear is about 5 hours; the second gear is about 3 hours. The third gear is about 1.5 hours
Executive standard: GB4706.48-2009 Quality inspection: Qualified product
Product standard One humidifier, one data cable, one Chinese and English manual
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