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The principle and characteristics of the program development of Nuan Dong's arti

This article introduces a case of hand warming program development. Every winter, the temperature drops faster, and at night, even if you hide in the warm bed, you still shiver. The feet behind the bed are also particularly cold. You can wear more socks and thick shoes on your feet, but what about your hands? Hand warmers will be everyone's choice. The heat it emits can warm our palms. What is the principle of heat generation?

The principle characteristics and precautions of the development of the warm hand treasure program


Most of the hand warmers on the market are this kind of lithium battery hand warmers. This kind of hand warmers use the power storage function of the lithium battery and the heating function of the internal heating element. The excuse for charging and discharging is the USB interface. Therefore, This hand warmer can also be used as a mobile power source. It is small in size and easy to carry. The temperature is around 50 degrees and can continue to emit heat.


1. Use lithium battery to get power, large capacity, more environmentally friendly, recyclable, charge for 3-4 hours, charge for 6-7 hours at room temperature (the specific time depends on different models and battery capacity).

2. Use a new ceramic heater inside, healthy, infrared heat transfer, speed up blood circulation, speed up metabolism, improve human resistance, no electromagnetic radiation, arthritis, frozen shoulder, frozen shoulder and leg pain, rheumatism, rheumatism, Chills, discomfort, and cold limbs. It is an ideal product for patients with colds and pains, such as pain relief, health care and winter warmth.

3. The appearance is small and cute, and the packaging is beautiful and generous. This is a great gift for relatives, friends and [**].

4. There is a USB with charging function, which can charge various digital products, suitable for home life, work and carry.

Precautions for use

1. Avoid continuous use for too long;

2. Avoid using while charging;

3. Avoid vibration and beating;

4. If abnormal fever is found, replace it in time;

5. Keep the environment away from flammable materials.

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