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  • Q1. The humidifier atomizer sheet is malfunctioning

    A : If the humidifier is windy but there is no fog, and there is no scale on the oscillator, then it is very likely that there is a problem with the atomizer of the humidifier. If there is no atomization, there will be no fog.
    Solution: First check whether the fuse is burned, if the fuse is good, try to adjust the potentiometer on the circuit board, and then turn it clockwise by a quarter. If the humidifier still does not spray, you need to change the fog Chemical film.

  • Q2. The humidifier has wind and no fog failure

    A : If the humidifier is windy but there is no fog, then it is probably because of long-term use of tap water. The scale in the tap water has caused the oscillating film to grow in water and alkali, causing the oscillating film to fail to operate normally, so there is no water mist in the humidifier.
    Solution: You can use a professional descaling agent to remove scale. If you don't have a professional descaling agent, you can make it yourself. Mixing white vinegar and salt in a certain proportion can also effectively dissolve the scale on the shock tablet. As long as the scale disappears, the humidifier will be natural It can be used normally.

  • Q3. The humidifier fan is malfunctioning

    A : Generally, the humidifier needs two conditions to work normally. One is that the ceramic oscillator oscillates to produce water mist, and the other is that the fan rotates to send out the water mist. If the humidifier works but no water mist is sprayed out, then it is likely that the fan is malfunctioning.
    Solution: If you haven't used it for too long, it will cause the fan to get stuck. You can add some lubricating oil and then tap it a few times, so that the fan can rotate again.

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